Welcome to The London Cork Association

Since time began Irish people have been contributing to the prosperity of the British economy.
The Construction and the Nursing sectors are two prime areas.

When the organisation was founded in 1953, travel and communications took a bit more of an effort than in the modern era.

The organisation was of particular benefit to Cork people in this era as it was a great way of staying in contact with home and meeting fellow cork people in London.

A special thanks is due to all the. People that worked tirelessly over the many years to keep the organisation going, they sacrificed lots of their own private time for the good of the Cork association.

Times have changed since the founding of the association, travel and communications are no longer the obstacles they once were, however the London Cork Association continues to function.

It's main function nowadays is to support and encourage all things Cork in London and is continuously working to forge and improve links both regions. This is in terms of both companies and individuals.


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